Are you Well-Rested and Ready for 2014? Why the Winter Solstice is Important.

Winter SolsticeHappy Winter Solstice!

For years I’ve been preaching to patients and students that they need to chill out and relax around this time of year. The ones that listen, really thrive.

Why is that?

The holidays were traditionally about pulling people out of a funk. In the Western tradition, peoples of the Northern hemisphere would hunker down after the fall harvest and dig their heels in for a long, cold winter. There wasn’t much to do (except make babies) so people would feel cooped up with cabin fever by late November or so. The holidays were a way to get people out of their depression and out with others- some stimulation please…

Today we live in an overstimulated world. There is no lack of information, connections, phone calls, texts, or work for us in the Winter. In traditional agrarian societies, when the harvest was over, you’d have to chop some wood and fetch some water here and there, but by and large, you were chilling out most of the winter. When’s the last time you chilled out?

We stumble through our years and keep fighting on and then have to drag ourselves to one holiday party after another- fighting lines and crowds at the mall trying to buy gifts for our loved ones. Does it sound exhausting? Well it should. How can we thrive through 2014 when we have not let ourselves properly close out 2013? We do this every year- losing Vitality, enthusiasm, and sleep each go-around.

So here’s the fix-

TODAY is the Winter Solstice. Today is the shortest day of the year…the darkest day. This is when the days start getting longer into the next cycle and giving us more light to carry us into a solid 2014. What are your goals for next year? Lose weight? Make more money? Start a family? Retire? You can’t do it without energy.

It is time to catch your breath. Hunker down and count your blessings today. Maybe take a salt bath. A nap? Sure- maybe a couple. Make this winter solstice weekend about being lazy and giving your body what it needs. I promise you, the health benefits are great but the psychological ones are even better.

Share this with the people in your life that NEED to hear this today and please…take some down time. We’re all so crazy busy nowadays that we forget to breath, check in, relax, and restore our energy when we’re supposed to. The bears hibernate. We can learn a lot from nature. Listen to your own inner nature and see what you feel like doing right now…I’m going for a nap :)

Value of Nature and Feeling Human In The Modern World

In an age of Iphones, Facebook and YouTube, people have lost touch with Mother Nature. It’s time we migrate back to the outdoors and feel human again.

Last summer a handful of us took a Wilderness Survival Course with Cliff Hodges. He’s the founder of Adventure Out which is an amazing company that teaches people how to connect with nature. Whether it is actual survival skills, primitive tracking, bow making, rock climbing, or even surfing, these guys train city folks how to get out and feel comfortable in the woods. Why? Because there’s something missing for most of us- the dreary daily commute to work, spreadsheets, meetings, meetings about those meetings, back home, and some stupid TV…yawn.
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Obesity as a Disease- let’s look at both sides of this debate

Recently the American Medical Association classified OBESITY as a disease. This has send ripples into our culture as the AMA has thrown the gauntlet and is forcing us to look at this issue.
We all know that obesity is a huge medical problem and leads to many life-threatening diseases which are costing us a fortune in healthcare expenses…but…is it a disease per se?
Let’s look at some arguments on both sides of this debate- [Read more...]

Monsanto Roundup Does More Damage than We Thought…Must Read!


Monsanto Roundup is doing more damage than we thought- What you MUST know to keep your family safe

This is a must- see interview with Tom Malterre who’s a leading nutrition researcher. It turns out the GMO foods which are mostly produced by Monsanto are responsible for far more medical issues than we thought originally. From pulling out Tryptophan which leads to Seratonin (and happiness) to binding essential minerals that are necessary for life, it turns out this engineered poison is getting through into our bodies and may be responsible for many of the issues we’re having today from autism to certain cancers. Scary stuff. Please share this video and spread the word as it may save a life.


Farm Bill- Right NOW we have a chance to use tax dollars to support Organic Farming instead of junk food

Our nation’s food & farm policy is on the wrong track.

It’s time to get it right.

We have the power to make the Farm Bill better – call your Senators today!

Take just five minutes today – that’s right, just five! – for a better future for our nation’s food and farmers. The U.S. Senate is debating amendments to the Farm Bill this week. It’s a complicated and bureaucratic process, and predictably, all of the lobbyists for Monsanto and big agribusiness are out in full force.
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Natural Remedies for Common Ailments with Dr. Hyla Cass

Natural remedies for common ailments.

Dr. Hyla Cass, MD is a renowned expert in using natural remedies for mind and mood disorders. She’s a psychiatrist who’s written several books on the subject and is a leader in the space. In this interview, I get to take a hike with Dr. Cass through the Santa Monica mountains while discussing natural remedies for stress, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and more. Join us for this fun and informative interview.


Hormone Disruptors with Dr. Sara Gottfried

Hormones imbalances are reaching epidemic proportions in the West and the question is ‘WHY?’

In this interview I speak with my dear friend Dr. Sara Gottfried who’s a Harvard trained OB/GYN and specialist on the subject. She’s a NY Times Best selling author and a sweetheart of a person. We discuss the chemicals you absolutely MUST avoid and what types of things cause the biggest problems around the house. There’s some fascinating new evidence out there pointing to specific chemicals in our lives that disrupt the pathways of our hormones and drive us to get fat, sick, and tired.

Endocrine disorders from hormone disruptors are just the start. We’re finding neurotoxic agents that are wreaking havoc on our brains and those of our children on a daily basis. Find out how to avoid these “Black List” items and how to maneuver your way through this toxic world in this interview.

Dr. Sara will be featured on JJ Virgin’s Webinar TODAY- CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR FREE

Conscious Capital and Sustainable Investment

Sustainable Investment

Join us for this interesting interview with the CEOs of Artisan Bistro (Scott Killips) and Wild Planet Foods (Terry Hunt) talking about investment in green and sustainable businesses. Both of these gentlemen were investors in the sector who took the CEO positions at their respective companies…essentially putting their money and time where their hearts were.

There are many trials and tribulations in the business of healthy foods and wellness products. Not all good ideas make good business sense and not all founders make good CEOs once the companies start to grow. The goal is to bring more abundance to the sector and support the companies that are maintaining sustainable practices. We vote with our dollars and supporting the good guys is a key to letting consumers drive corporate behavior. Part of this conversation revolves around the challenges of taking “mom and pop” wellness/sustainable companies and turning them into attractive avenues for capital…fueling growth and goodness on our planet.

Enjoy the interview!
wild palnet logo

The Green Feast at The Ecology Center- Showcase of Organic Farming and Gardening Practices

Organic food is making is way into every community in the US. Sustainable organic farming and gardening practices have moved from something others do to a way of life for all of us. Whether we keep a few fruit trees in our yard or a tomato plant in the terrace of our apartment, we all have access to the ritual of growing our own food. This latest Well.Org webisode is a celebration of this. [Read more...]

Organic vs Conventional Eating- Well.Org Looks at the Facts

OrganicBroccoliniThinking about the types of food you consume can make huge difference in your health and lifestyle. Organic food is not only more nutritious but it can actually save you money in the long run, when you factor in healthcare cost over the years.

We have created this infographic from several recent health articles and authoritative sources to help you eat healthier. There are plenty of reasons to eat organic foods and people seem to be catching on. Organic foods are the fastest growing and most profitable segment of American agriculture. We have included the unhealthiest conventional foods, some of which may shock you. We’ve also compared the characteristics of a grass fed cow to a grain fed cow in order to show you how many calories you could be saving if you switched to a grass fed cow and how healthier you could be.

Grass fed cows are leaner, have a better flavor and are less likely to cause health risks. Grain fed cows contain antibiotics and can cause inflammation in the body which leads to most modern diseases and current health issues. The E. coli count in grain fed cows is also much higher which is definitely worrisome. There is so much health news today and it is hard to know what information to trust.

Eating organic saves us money in the long run because we offset all of the healthcare costs

Eating organic saves us money in the long run because we offset all of the healthcare costs

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Check out the trailer to the “Vitality” movie which really lays this argument out and shows us how to live a healthier life.