China law brings attention to well-being of older adults and the importance of Social Contact

Grandpa with family

Why China Is Urging Adult Children to Visit Their Parents…

For most of us, the importance of social contact is intuitive knowledge. Visiting mom and dad can be challenging in our hectic lives, but let’s face it – we NEED other people. Forming social relationships is a fundamental aspect of human existence. We need our families, our friends, our networks, etc. to give us the emotional support that helps carry us through hard times. Remember the last time you had a really bad day? You probably felt a million times better after venting to a friend. Read more

The Vitality Movie Premiere is Set for September 1, 2012 in LA

We are proud to announce the premiere of the Vitality Movie on September 1, 2012 in North Hollywood, CA.

An exciting journey into the nature of what true health is and how we can attain it individually. The problems of the broken medical system revolve around trying to constantly fix problems that emerge from how we live. Medical experts from around the world weigh in as we explore the simple solutions that can drastically change our relationship with our bodies. Vitality is more than merely the absence of disease, it means being able to live life fully and thrive in this world.

Informative and entertaining, this movie teaches us simple ways to live healthier and shows us a better way at looking at healthcare for our society.

El Portal Theatre
5269 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601

For Tickets- call Box Office at (818) 508-4200
or purchase online at :

The Vitality Experience- 4-7 pm with snacks, drinks, massages and more
Movie Screening – 7-8 pm
Q & A with Experts and Film Maker 8-9 pm