Planetary Health and Food Choices with Ocean Robbins

How is planetary health affected by the food choices we make?

This week Pedram Shojai and Sara Gottfried welcome Ocean Robbins to the Health Bridge Show! Ocean discusses the ways eating meat not only affects our bodies and our health, but the health of the environment. How does eating grass-fed beef from corn-fed beef? Is grass-fed beef sustainable on a global level? How can we change our relationship to the things we eat and make health a priority?

Farm Bill- Right NOW we have a chance to use tax dollars to support Organic Farming instead of junk food

Our nation’s food & farm policy is on the wrong track.


It’s time to get it right.

We have the power to make the Farm Bill better – call your Senators today!

Take just five minutes today – that’s right, just five! – for a better future for our nation’s food and farmers. The U.S. Senate is debating amendments to the Farm Bill this week. It’s a complicated and bureaucratic process, and predictably, all of the lobbyists for Monsanto and big agribusiness are out in full force.
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The Green Feast at The Ecology Center- Showcase of Organic Farming and Gardening Practices

Organic food is making is way into every community in the US. Sustainable organic farming and gardening practices have moved from something others do to a way of life for all of us. Whether we keep a few fruit trees in our yard or a tomato plant in the terrace of our apartment, we all have access to the ritual of growing our own food. This latest Well.Org webisode is a celebration of this. Read more

Urban Farm and Orchard is Birthed with some TLC and Local Help


Aerielle Nisson decided enough was enough with her corporate job. She was working as a marketing director for a firm that catered to medical  device companies. Unsavory people all around who really weren’t in the game to help people- mostly to make a buck. Being a care taker for her 97 year old grandmother, she decided to leave that world after saving up for a couple of years. She wanted to restore her grandparent’s orchard and turn it into a fully functioning organic operation. They were one of the original Sunkist growing families in Orange County, CA. The neighborhood had mostly gone the way of most land around urban environments…suburbs. Her family land is a rare plot still preserved.

Aerielle approached me with the idea and I introduced her to Gillian Poe of the OC Food Access Coalition and they were off to the races. Gillian helped bring wonderful resources to the project and magic started happening. With friends volunteering, we began to clean up the overgrowth and started to get the place going. Gillian brought on Eugene Cooke who is an urban agriculture expert. He works with inner city projects and helps teach people how to grow food where they live. With Eugene’s help, the project started to take life. Aerielle is out there sweating daily and, with more and more help coming in, this thing is getting pretty cool.

Aerielle, Eugene, Gillian, and Pedram

I was off on a film shoot for the better part of a month and, upon my return, was shocked to see the progress that was made. What started as a crazy idea around her kitchen table had turned into a community “thing”. I counted at least 20 people there that day…hearing about the place from various sources including and what have you. I asked them why they came and most of them said similar things…wanting to reconnect with the land and get their hands in the dirt. It is amazing to see how badly us city people need this stuff.

We’ve been following this story with cameras from the start and are proud to be involved. This is where its at. Urban gal goes back to roots and starts a cool project around good food and clean living. The neighbors all jump inand good things happen all around. Awesome.

Here’s the first bit we did on the project which is affectionately now called L’Avocat by Aerielle because of the amazing avocado trees they have on the property. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the fruit/produce from L’Avocat goes to families in need in the community. Thank you to all the great people involved. Enjoy the webisode.