GMO Right to Know in Oregon with Guest David Bronner

GMO Right
Coming up in these midterm elections, Oregon is set to vote on a GMO Right to Know Bill that if passed would require manufacturers, retailers and suppliers to label raw and packaged foods produced entirely or partially by genetic engineering.


Sara Gottfried and Pedram Shojai wanted to know more about what is going on in Oregon and how this could affect the rest of the country. David Bronner reached out to our team and was happy to inform us about the bill and what affect it could have. He also mentions the tough opposition the bill faces. Would food products that clearly list GM origins change your eating habits?


Designing a Healthy Work Environment

healthy work

Do you sometimes feel sluggish at work? I definitely have those moments. I thought that incorporating exercise into my daily routine would help with those moments. Theoretically, I thought I that I could avoid the afternoon slump if I exercised every day. Being a post-grad newbie to the 9 to 5 workforce, I decided to try what I could to increase my happiness during work. It was hard to keep up and often times, I’d skip a day or two… or three. But I did notice that I had more energy. So to combat my “laziness” and bad habits, I began to tinker with when I exercised. At first, I exercised as soon as I got home – but then I realized that I was way less likely to work out if my day was stressful. Even though I knew exercise could be therapeutic, it was still a mental struggle. Then I made the decision to set my morning alarm to an earlier time in hopes that I would have enough time to go for a nice morning run. I did this for a while consistently and it worked well for me. It was like a fresh cup of coffee that my body brewed every morning.

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Connecting to the Here and Now with Guest Jen Landa

“Be mindful of the future, but never at the expense of the present.”


Star Wars fans will remember this quote. How can we truly connect to the present moment? This week Pedram Shojai and Sara Gottfried welcome Dr. Jen Landa to the Health Bridge. They discuss the problem of energy deficits and what can be done to regain some energy. They also dive into how energy deficits can affect sex drive (and for that I’m throwing up an explicit tag). How can we better balance work life and home life so that we’re not always falling behind on energy? How can we take better care of ourselves against hidden physical stressors? And how can we make sure we don’t miss the here and now in the process?



Unplug and Reconnect with Nature

It’s the 21st century and everything we do is tied to electronics in some form. Whether it is for work or home, from communication to paying bills, we can do all of it on the various gadgets now available to us. For some, it’s a little difficult to unplug from the constant electronic connection. It doesn’t help if we don’t make an attempt to escape out of our electric environment. So a few weeks ago Pedram invited Michael Yang, Abel James, Alyson Bridge, Alan Christianson, and Alan’s son Ryan out to go hiking at Malibu Creek State Park in California. I tagged along as a cameraman to document the trip.


The wonderful thing that happens when all the electronics are put away is that we actually connect with the people that are actually in front of us. Many times I’ve been at a restaurant having dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in a few weeks wanting to catch up on the going-ons in their life only to see the backside of a phone as they send text messages else. I would gently suggest the phone be put away only to hear it justified that they felt it rude to ignore the incoming text messages. The text messages weren’t an emergency. I mean, it’d be a call if it was an emergency, right? Yet it was more rude to let the text messages sit on the phone to be responded to later than it was to ignore the flesh-and-blood person sitting in front of them. Read more

Vaccination. Yes or No?

Definitely a topic of dispute, Pedram Shojai and Sara Gottfried dive into the subject of vaccinations.

There are claims that vaccinations are correlated to the rise in autism. But other data shows that diseases that have been dormant for the better part of a century are returning as people avoid vaccinations. What’s the right answer? Pedram is a new father so these questions have been weighing heavy on him. He and Sara try their best to make sense of this complicated issue.




Dreamy Homemade Dairy-Free Ice Cream with Alyson Bridge

We know that for many, Labor Day means the end of summer. But just because summer is over doesn’t mean that our love affair with ice cream has to end too. Fortunately for those of us in places where the weather is still blazing hot, ice cream remains our go-to treat to cool off after a long day of work. Even if you’re in a colder climate, you can still enjoy a scoop of delicious homemade ice cream (maybe keep the heater on?). Because let’s be honest- we love ice cream no matter the season!

Why Homemade Is Better?

Although it does take more work than crackin’ open a carton of store-bought ice cream, homemade is worth the extra effort. You know exactly what’s into your ice cream and you have control of the ingredients based on your own tastebuds. Homemade tends to taste fresher and more pure than store-bought. It’s guaranteed fresh and you can use high-quality organic ingredients – straight from the farmer’s market! Some companies add unnatural ingredients to stabilize the cream, thicken it up, and keep it from crystallizing. Furthermore, a lot of store-bought ice creams have more air whipped into them. For this reason, homemade ice cream is usually creamier and richer. It also means no chemicals, no preservatives, and no ingredients you can’t pronounce.


[ Alyson’s Homemade Dairy-Free Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Recipe ]

Organic Coconut Milk – Two 13.5 cansHomemade Ice Cream
Dates – Five with seeds removed
Stevia – 1/8 teaspoon
Chocolate Chips – Half cup
Macadamia Nuts – Half cup
Peppermint Extract – One teaspoon
Vanilla Extract – One teaspoon
Salt – Half teaspoon
Coconut Palm Sugar (optional)

1. Put one can of coconut milk and all five dates into a blender
2. Blend until dates are dissolved into milk
3. Add the other can of coconut milk, peppermint extract, vanilla extract, stevia, half of the chocolate chips, and salt into blender.
4. Test the batter. Add in coconut palm sugar and extra stevia and salt if needed. Blend.
5. Add in macadamia nuts and remainder of chocolate chips to blender. Blend quickly to mix in.
6. Add batter to ice cream maker and follow directions of the maker.



Get Control of Your Hormones!


The following is a guest post written by my good friend and colleague Dr. Anna Cabeca, a hormone and anti-aging specialist. One of her specialties is helping women and men balance their hormones so they can feel better, look younger, and even lose weight.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then this blog post is for you…

  • Your mood changes unpredictably or you’re depressed.
  • You’ve gained weight over the years and dieting doesn’t work as well as it once did.
  • You’re tired most of the time and you use caffeine to help you get through the day.
  • You experience sleep problems such as difficulty getting to sleep or waking up in the wee hours of the night.
  • Your interest in sex is lackluster (or nonexistent).
  • Your mind feels hazy or scattered and you have difficulty concentrating.
  • You’re experiencing obvious hormonal issues such as PMS or hot flashes.
  • You have lost your edge at work or lost interest in your usual activities.

It’s easy to think that these symptoms are just a part of normal aging, but they aren’t.

If your hormones are balanced then there is NO reason why you shouldn’t have abundant energy, a fit body, and feel fantastic for decades to come.

Your body uses many different hormones to stay healthy and happy but in today’s post we are going to discuss three of the most important ones.
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Sara and Pedram Get Medical Exams with Alan Christianson

On July 30, 2014, Pedram Shojai and Sara Gottfried both flew to Phoenix, AZ to get a thorough medical exam from their friend, Alan Christianson. Both Pedram and Sara are starting 100-day gongs and it’s important to know where they are regarding their health at the beginning so that after 100 days we know the progress that they’ve made. Sara and Pedram also met with the other physicians in Alan’s clinic, Dr. Linda Khoshaba, Dr. Adrienne Stewart, and Dr. Saman Rezaie. After visiting the clinic, Alan then took Sara and Pedram out for a little fun at a rock-climbing facility.

Are You Sitting Too Much?

According to a report from the National Institutes of Health, adult Americans spend on average 7.7 hours a day engaged in “sedentary behavior”. What’s even more alarming is that the Archives of Internal Medicine found that the risk of premature death grows 15 percent for those who sit eight hours a day! And the risk increases 40 percent for those who sit 11 hours a day compared with those who sit just four hours. Too much sitting can increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Sitting So Much Should Scare You

Sitting So Much Should Scare You Infographic (Ergotron) / CC BY 3.0

Further on the Topic of Robin Williams

Pedram Shojai and Sara Gottfried share updates on the gongs they recently started. They then dive into a further discussion on Robin Williams which started in the episode with Shawn Stevenson. We received some messages that took concern with Shawn’s statement that suicide is a “selfish” act. Pedram and Sara continue the conversation on this sensitive subject. Pedram discusses his experiences knowing people to have taken their own lives. Sara discusses how the news of Robin Williams affected her family. Most importantly, if you are suffering from depression and thinking of taking your own life, please seek help!