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The Tao of Kung Fu With Grandmaster Carl Totton

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Pedram hangs with Grandmaster Carl Totton to learn the Essence of the Martial Arts and the Way of Peace.


Martial Arts training begins when we understand that we are our greatest adversaries. The training which teaches multiple techniques can include a variety of skills like grappling, kicking, boxing, and wrestling but the end result is the same- the ability to defend one’s self from a physical attack.

The real genius though comes in the self discipline and confidence that is begoten by the martial arts. People come to these traditions for various reasons- some combative and others for the mental benefits. Many start when they are adolescents and stay with the training. Whether it is Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Capoeira, Karate, or Lima Lama, there is always discipline and diligent training involved. The master can teach but it is up to the student to improve their skills and engage in further personal growth. Again, in the end, we are really fighting our own perceived limitations.

The Martial Arts are an amazing way of life and we are excited to bring you various stories that are compelling and educational.