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Sickle Cell Awareness


Today, we get the chance to talk to Farron Dozier about his personal experience sickle cell disease. Sickle cell disease is an inherited, lifelong blood disorder that can lead to serious health problems.

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Hormone Disruptors


Weight gain may come from toxic overload of the system. Here, Pedram and Sara look at how certain chemicals signal the thyroid to slow down, and thus, trigger the body to put on weight.

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Mind One Digital: Brain Training


Strengthening the brain and sharpening the mind have tremendous benefits for us. Research shows that training the brain daily even for 10 minutes can show significant improvements in cognitive ability and results in better focus.

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Hiking With Dr. Hyla Cass


Join us on a hike with Dr. Hyla Cass through the Santa Monica mountains while discussing natural remedies for stress, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and more.

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Medicial Issues on the Trail with Dr. Bryan Doonan


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Posture, Injuries, and Athletic Performance – a discussion with two legends in the field


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Knights of Hope



Natural medicine is not an alternative to conventional care. It is the basis of all medical models that exist and we have only strayed from this in the past 60 years or so. What is the result? Skyrocketing obesity and cardiovascular disease. Many of today’s ailments come from lifestyle problems which can be corrected with proper knowledge and the shifting of certain aspects of our lives.

Daily changes are easy when we understand that balance is the key to changing the body. Natural Medicine is based on the premise that we do well when we are in harmony with nature and that this balance brings about beneficial changes in our bodies. Our bodies have an innate intelligence and know how to heal themselves. It is up to us to understand the causes of modern medical conditions and to be consistent in our daily lifestyle goals.

To heal the damage caused bythings in the past, we can seek various remedies- whether they be herbs or drugs. This isn’t an “East vs West” thing. Use what medicine is effective and go with the science. Studies show tremendous efficacy of diet, nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction for many common ailments but again, the balance between short-term and long-term needs can determine the treatment based on each condition. An herb can treat a syndrome but not fix a bad habit. That’s why we’re bringing you Natural Medicine stories that matter. Whether we cover innovative therapies people are doing, or trends in natural medicine that are reducing hypertension and changing our health, it is all about finding what works and gradually working to attain optimal health in our lives.

People start to search for answers because of their ailments but changing our health via lifestyle can heal or lives. Medicine is about how we live. From eating healthy vegetables and fruits to effectively reducing hypertension with acupuncture and herb therapy, our natural medicine channel will follow these trends and help cover stories on people who are making a difference in our world.