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Adventure Out Wilderness Survival

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Cliff Hodges is the man when it comes to wilderness survival training. He studied with some of the best in the world and he’s fun, approachable, and, having an engineering degree from MIT, gets the modern world. Join us for a great episode of him teaching us the basics and showing how fun and easy it could be to learn these skills.

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The Great Park: Urban Farming and Way of Life


Set to become the biggest urban park in the US, we interviewed two of the key players who are helping make this dream a reality. People can come here and learn how to garden and farm at home with plenty of examples and excellent teachers…all for free. It is a great model for the use of public land in the future.

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Zanker and the Future of Recycling


An interview with the industry-leading company Green Waste/Zanker. Based in the Bay Area of California, this company is pushing the envelope of efficiency in both recycling and conservation.

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Hiking the John Muir Trail with the Pacific Crest Trail Association


Hiking the high sierras is beautiful and exhilarating. We had a chance to hike the John Muir Trail and interview the Pacific Crest Trail Association this past summer. Hiking and backpacking are a way of life and the magical surroundings up in this pristine wilderness are among the finest in the world.

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Bulungula Sustainable Tourism




Our Nature channel is designed to help bring light to stories about the environment that matter. Each year, we are adding tons of refuse and chemicals to our landfills and we are disrupting the delicate web of our ecosystem. From hiking, backpacking, camping, recycling, and ecological education for each child, we cover nature stories that make an impact on our planet.

Well.Org is committed to being part of the solution and bringing various partners into the fold that will help raise money, awareness, and activism for causes that matter. Drinking clean water impacts us all. So does clean energy. Getting our children to deposit bottles into the right bins and containers is a good start but we want to help create an environment wherein they can enjoy this work and have fun doing it. Pollution effects us all. We support outdoor nature education and are working with people in our communities who teach kids about waste in our world and the merits of preserving nature. The significance of this eco work will be felt for years to come and it is a long-term play which we are committing to.

Using media and meaningful stories, we hope to give people a taste of what real-life heroes are doing in our communities and tap into the treasure awaiting in our natural world- not for resources but for our enjoyment, education, and heritage.