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Farmer’s Market with Dr. Jason Deyo


Farmers’ markets are the way of the future. In this video, Pedram toured the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market with Dr. Jason Deyo.

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Urban Gardening in Santa Ana





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The Great Park: Urban Farming and Way of Life


Set to become the biggest urban park in the US, we interviewed two of the key players who are helping make this dream a reality. People can come here and learn how to garden and farm at home with plenty of examples and excellent teachers…all for free

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Zanker and the Future of Recycling


An interview with the industry-leading company Green Waste/Zanker. Based in the Bay Area of California, this company is pushing the envelope of efficiency in both recycling and conservation.

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Green Feast At The Ecology Center


Local chefs, farmers, and fishermen have come together at the 4th annual Green Feast to create a unique culinary experience to showcase how delicious healthy foods can actually be!

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L’Avocat Urban Farming Revolution in Southern CA

” ]

Aerielle Nisson decided to leave her corporate job and revive her family orchard. Why? To get back on the land and enjoy grandma’s remaining years. This is the first webisode in a series to come.

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Eugune Cooke



The Organic Farming and Gardening channel at Well.Org is designed to showcase what is innovative, new, and exciting in our local communities. Farming our own crops and gardening at home are easy to do and can really benefit our families.

When we buy organic produce, we cut the middleman out of the equation much of the time. Why spend all the money on oil and transportation getting our food from thousands of miles away? Slow food and local organic food can really change the way we live. Not only does it seed money back into our local communities, it helps ensure that we are getting safe, chemical-free produce at home.

From raised beds to hydroponics and permaculture, there are many methods of growing healthy food organically. Many of today’s growers are using innovation techniques to grow crops in a sustainable fashion and our knowledge base is growing daily. From traditional methods to newer innovations, people in our communities are finding ways to minimize the use of water and avoid chemicals and nasty pesticides. Natural organic food is our birthright and Well.Org is committed to bringing you tips that will increase your knowledge and easy tools that can turn your home into an organic gardening haven.

We believe that people vote with their money. Please support your local farmers markets and community supported agriculture groups. Organic farming is the way forward and we are committed to helping people grow and thrive with a more natural way of life.