Hormone Disruptors with Dr. Sara Gottfried

Hormones imbalances are reaching epidemic proportions in the West and the question is ‘WHY?’

In this interview I speak with my dear friend Dr. Sara Gottfried who’s a Harvard trained OB/GYN and specialist on the subject. She’s a NY Times Best selling author and a sweetheart of a person. We discuss the chemicals you absolutely MUST avoid and what types of things cause the biggest problems around the house. There’s some fascinating new evidence out there pointing to specific chemicals in our lives that disrupt the pathways of our hormones and drive us to get fat, sick, and tired.

Endocrine disorders from hormone disruptors are just the start. We’re finding neurotoxic agents that are wreaking havoc on our brains and those of our children on a daily basis. Find out how to avoid these “Black List” items and how to maneuver your way through this toxic world in this interview.

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  1. JSR MD
    JSR MD says:

    Thank you both for your work. As a clinician with a traditional allopathic background, I’d be very excited in the future to see you collaborate on a physician-focused podcast containing a more detailed examination of the latest evidence and your suggestions on how to translate these findings into better care for our patients.

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