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Winter Solstice- Learning to Rest at the Right Time of Year

The Winter Solstice is on December 21, 2012. It is celebrated by many traditions around the world and is the time when the days are shortest- a time for renewal, rest, and recovery. As it gets dark earlier, it reminds us to circle back in with ourselves and recharge our batteries so that we are not so much a slave to time. Yes- time. Time marches so fast in our modern cultures that we forget to slow down and relax…never recovering from the past year and expecting to have the same amount of energy into the following. That’s simply bad math. The Winter Solstice reminds us of what our ancient ancestors have known for thousands of years- namely, live in harmony with nature and thrive. When nature slows down, we should too. The darkness and the stillness are good for the soul and they help us process the heaps of information and problems we’ve amassed over the past year. As the light returns and helps illuminate the world more and more each day after the 21st, we can then use that energy to ride into a new cycle with fresh inspiration.

Here’s an article I did a couple of years ago on the subject that went viral and is still very relevant today.

It is time to align with mother earth and get into rhythm with the universal clock which we have evolved under. We are part of nature and our health and mental wellbeing tends to do better when we sync up with this. Many traditions have high reverence for the Winter Solstice as it is truly the real new year. Light returns and the sun gives us more energy daily- energy we can tap into if we’re rested and calm enough to ride that wave 🙂


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