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Conscious Capital and Sustainable Investment

Join us for this interesting interview with the CEOs of Artisan Bistro (Scott Killips) and Wild Planet Foods (Terry Hunt) talking about investment in green and sustainable businesses. Both of these gentlemen were investors in the sector who took the CEO positions at their respective companies…essentially putting their money and time where their hearts were.

There are many trials and tribulations in the business of healthy foods and wellness products. Not all good ideas make good business sense and not all founders make good CEOs once the companies start to grow. The goal is to bring more abundance to the sector and support the companies that are maintaining sustainable practices. We vote with our dollars and supporting the good guys is a key to letting consumers drive corporate behavior. Part of this conversation revolves around the challenges of taking “mom and pop” wellness/sustainable companies and turning them into attractive avenues for capital…fueling growth and goodness on our planet.

Enjoy the interview!


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