Organic Coffee that gives back

Organic Coffee that is Good for You? Check out the Fair Trade Alkaline Coffee from Papua New Guinea

Organic coffee has never tasted so good. Christina Avaness gave us a tour of her roasting lab where she’s having a hard time keeping this coffee in stock. She’s been a great resource for us as she specializes in super enzyme foods that enhance the health. The question becomes- how can we eat well and actually enjoy our food at the same time? Avaness has really mastered the art of making healthy food taste great and now she has brought us a coffee that is good for us.

The bottom line is that this coffee has a net alkalizing effect on the body meaning that it doesn’t have the negative side effects that the regular stuff has. This organic coffee does not dehydrate you like the regular beans which are treated with chemical pesticides. I’m not a big fan of coffee to begin with so I went in very skeptical. My initial reaction was favorable- it tasted great. I hung out while we filmed a separate segment and noticed a couple of things:

1) I was very clear and focused without the wiry edge coffee normally gives me, and

2) my stomach wasn’t turning and growling which is something I’ve come to expect from normal coffee.

I wasn’t fully convinced until that evening when I realized I never got the post-coffee crash. In fact, I felt pretty good into the night and slept well.

We had Christina serve this coffee at the screening of VITALITY and received great feedback from hundreds of people who were at the event. Regular coffee drinkers were sold. The health benefits were there and it was tasty.

This product is Rain Forest Alliance Certified which means it is giving back and preserving the rain forests. They don’t use toxic fertilizers or any synthetic chemicals. Organic coffees that are grown in a sustainable way help make the world greener. These crops are not genetically modified and are certified organic. Organically grown in the tree canopy and not a big farm, this coffee comes from a clean environment and healthy soil. It preserves the natural plants and wildlife on the island which is a nice alternative to the deforestation that comes from conventionally grown coffee.

A whole village has risen to abundance because of the fair trade practices of this company so people can hold their head up high and deliver a quality product to the world. We like products that do this and are actively nudging our viewers to support companies that help make a difference. Good stuff which also shares the love :)

Check out some of the flavors they have and enjoy this stuff for a month and see the difference it makes in your life.



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  1. Clara
    Clara says:

    Growers and sellers of organic Arabica coffee beans from Costa Rica can easily explain the positive aspects of organic beans, but it is a little more difficult to explain why they don’t market decaffeinated coffee beans. Does anyone know the real story behind decaf coffee? I would like to read more about something that explain the downside of decaffeinization. Apparently, there is a downside to it.

  2. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    Is pesticide / chemical free coffee beans the only benefits of organic coffee beans? And if I choose to buy organic coffee, can it still be prepared with flavors in the same way you can prepare gourmet flavored coffee with regular beans? If so, then I see no reason not to go organic, unless of course, the price exceeds that of Starbucks coffee.

  3. August
    August says:

    This is the first I have ever heard of organic coffee’. What is the difference, really? Are not all coffee beans organic? I am assuming it is the pesticides that they apply in order to harvest them that changes it from being organic. Is there anything agricultural now days that isn’t polluted with fertilizers and pesticides? It really is a crying shame.

  4. Matthew
    Matthew says:

    I am a coffee lover but I am not big on organic stuff because it simply cost to much, you have done a great job on this article though and I promise that if I fall into some money I will definitely look into organic everything because I know it is better for you then this stuff. Thank you so much for the information please post some updates.

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