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February 4, 2015

DIY Composting – It’s Easy!

Composting is key to a healthy, long-lasting vegetable garden. For the aspiring urban gardener, organic farmer, sustainable development consultant and agroecologist (someone who treats agricultural areas as ecosystems and considers what impact agricultural practices have on the environment) Scott Murray has some tips for better composting.

The Big Picture “Composting is taking a natural process and bringing it to a more compact form,” says Murray. Think of the forest floor: As leaves fall from trees, they generally land on the ground, moisture is added from rain and the leaves start to decompose and build the soil. If you’ve ever been to a spot where the leaves are really [...]

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August 15, 2012

is Birthed with some TLC and Local Help

Aerielle Nisson decided enough was enough with her corporate job. She was working as a marketing director for a firm that catered to medical  device companies. Unsavory people all around who really weren’t in the game to help people- mostly to make a buck. Being a care taker for her 97 year old grandmother, she decided to leave that world after saving up for a couple of years. She wanted to restore her grandparent’s orchard and turn it into a fully functioning organic operation. They were one of the original Sunkist growing families in Orange County, CA. The neighborhood had mostly gone the way of most land around urban environments…suburbs. Her family land is a [...]

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