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October 17, 2015

5 Foods That Can Melt Away Muffin Top

It’s a common scenario: You’re dressed and ready to go, giving yourself that once-over in the mirror before heading out the door


Despite the fact that your clothes fit perfectly everywhere else, an annoying roll of flab is spilling over the waistband of your pants. That muffin top is rearing its ugly head, and you’re convinced everyone else notices it, too.

Many women wonder why this “spare tire” shows up as they start getting older. Even when you’re eating clean and religiously using your Ab Master, it’s not uncommon to see extra belly fat growing as the years go by. The pudge that accumulates around the abdominal area tends to [...]

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May 22, 2015

Why You Should Say No To These 5 Foods

There are a lot of foods we can generally agree are just downright bad for us. We know that Doritos and soda hold next to no nutritional value and that even a lot of foods touted as “health” foods, contain artificial, lab-made ingredients that don’t do much good for the body.

But what about the foods that not only appear healthy on the outside, but also feel, taste and just seem healthy? These are the foods, when inspected more closely, that reveal a host of unhealthy ingredients and yet are very likely to exist in our day-to-day diet simply because we’re unaware of how detrimental they can be over time.

Anna Marie Cruz, a Los Angeles-based holistic health coach, says [...]

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November 30, 2012

Farmers Markets Offer Good Food To Offset Our Toxic Lifestyles

Farmers markets are the way of the future. Paying the oil companies to transport our food across the country is neither healthy nor sustainable. Locally grown foods help our community in many ways. They allow us to shop with our family and discover the fruits and vegetables that are local to our area.

In this video, I toured the Santa Monica Farmers Market with Dr. Jason Deyo. We got to try produce from various vendors and really enjoyed being out there with these wonderful people. It is important to talk with the person who grows your food. We don’t get that in the supermarket. True, it may take a bit more time to peruse the market amongst all the signs and banners, but it is [...]

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