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November 27, 2015

5 Reasons to Hibernate this Winter

Bears do it. Bees do it. Some squirrels, bats and even hamsters do it. Hibernation is the solution for survival in Winter months for many species in the animal kingdom, yet humans experience no apparent change in pace despite the season. Quality sleep is crucial for your health, and there’s a serious case to be made for making it a priority this Winter.

See below for just five reasons to take a page from the bears and embrace some extra shuteye this season:

1. Sleep helps you stay fit.

Countless research has confirmed the link between proper sleep and maintaining your physique, but this is extra welcome news when pumpkin pies and Christmas cookies are [...]

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May 23, 2015

A Fascinating Tale of Mushrooms – You’ll Want to Add Some to Your Diet After You Read This!

Mushrooms are one of the more fascinating organisms on the planet. The fungus has long been used by many cultures in cooking, as a medicine for its healing properties and as a spiritual tool in its psychoactive form. Recent studies have advanced our knowledge of what they’re capable of, beyond their role as a meal garnish.

The reishi mushroom has been used in Chinese medicine as a healing agent and immune booster; it is sometimes even referred to as the “immortality mushroom.” It’s often used by those looking to naturally help the body defend against the symptoms of leaky gut syndrome, bronchitis and other diseases that can arise from imbalances in the immune system. This [...]

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April 15, 2015

Happy Tax Day! Learn How to Cope with Financial Stress

The human mind and body need precious little coaxing to respond when facing physical attack. The brain kicks in nearly instantaneously, triggering a flood of adrenaline and cortisol into the body and nearly as immediately determines whether to fight or flee. Faster than a body knew it could.

The liver then ratchets into action to manage the flow of hormones and rid the body of the excess when the imminent threat dissipates.

This biological phenomenon works well in terms of protecting us from the kind of acute danger and temporary threats our ancestors faced, but is far less efficient at coping with more chronic situations that arise in our modern lives. The [...]

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January 23, 2015

Disneyland Outbreak Is A Reminder About Prevention

More than 70 people in North America have reported suffering from measles as of Jan. 23 in an outbreak that started at Disneyland in Southern California earlier this month. Even five park employees have reportedly been infected.

Though the case has the country thinking about measles and serves as the latest round in the immunization vs. non-immunization battle, it’s not the worst outbreak the U.S. has had in recent years, only the most high profile.

“As a parent, this is scary. It brings back all these notions of how unsafe the world can be,” says’s Dr. Pedram Shojai on a recent Health Bridge podcast. Shojai lives near the amusement park. “It’s one of the most [...]

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