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The Green Feast at The Ecology Center- Showcase of Organic Farming and Gardening Practices

Organic food is making is way into every community in the US. Sustainable organic farming and gardening practices have moved from something others do to a way of life for all of us. Whether we keep a few fruit trees in our yard or a tomato plant in the terrace of our apartment, we all have access to the ritual of growing our own food. This latest Well.Org webisode is a celebration of this.

We had a chance to hang with Evan Marks of The Ecology Center of San Juan Capistrano. Evan converted this property into an educational mecca for organic gardening. They teach the community how to plant, grow, harvest, and tend to the soil. Why? Because local slow food is the future. The healthcare crisis in this country revolves around poor lifestyle and our inability to make good food choices. Well, good food choices happen at the grocery store or the farmer’s market. What do I mean by this? Well, once you’re already starving at the end of a busy day, you will reach for whatever is in the fridge…heck, I can eat the dining room table itself after a serious workout. So the importance here is to make sure we stock our homes with healthy foods that are grown sustainably and preferably locally.

The Ecology Center has an annual Green Feast where they bring gourmet chefs from local restaurants to showcase how delicious healthy food can be. Its a great event and we highly recommend that you check it out.

Here’s their website-



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    The Greenfeast- Sustainable Organic Farming and Gardening Made Local

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