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Organic Coffee for a Healthier Day


Organic coffee has never tasted so good. Christina Avaness gave us a tour of her roasting lab where she’s having a hard time keeping this coffee in stock.

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Farmer’s Market with Dr. Jason Deyo


Farmers’ markets are the way of the future. In this video, Pedram toured the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market with Dr. Jason Deyo.

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Posture, Injuries, and Athletic Performance – a discussion with two legends in the field


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Food Alchemy with Christina Avaness



Fitness is a way of life. We all know that exercise is needed in order to stay healthy but doing so on a daily basis is the challenge. If we want to achieve optimal health and good results, we need a regular fitness program that tracks our progress and helps us lose fat and isn’t torture. That’s why so many people turn to sports. The challenge with this is the number of injuries people face due to poot posture and poor condtioning. You don’t need to go to the gym to attain true health but you do need to know what you’re doing to a certain extent. Physical exercises or labor for that matter can be done outside where we catch sun and move our bodies.

Walking should be a part of daily life. It prevents stagnation and helps our overall fitness because it gets the legs moving and the blood flowing. There are so many forms of exercise that are out of the box. Squats, lunges, free weight training, and floor exercises are fun and easy. They help get the legs strong and don’t require the gym or expensive devices.

We’ve amassed a number of resources that are coming online each week which will encourage you to start or continue a fitness program and achieve the health goals that you want. Slow and steady progress is the key to success here. Learn from our experts and help us with your feedback please.