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December 30, 2015

Will the Farms of Tomorrow Ship Off to Sea?

Living On a Water-World

The earth is predominately covered in water and, since time immemorial, marine life has made important contributions to the progression of human civilization. Just for examples’ sake, we call to mind how important aquatically derived products have been to different peoples across times and places. The ancient Greeks and Romans used shellfish to create vibrant dyes for beautiful fabric. Native Americans along the East Coast of what is now the U.S. practiced supplementation of their crops with clamming, while Inuit peoples to the far north made clothing, shelter, food, and oil alike from seals and whales. Indeed, entire civilizations in Polynesia and other parts [...]

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December 12, 2015

Bee Ecological: How To Save The Bees By Creating A Pollinator Haven In Your Backyard

Wasps give their fuzzier, buzzier cousins a bad name. Because of their propensity to sting, bees have historically suffered a bad rep. I’m not an official tree hugger (or indeed bee hugger) as yet, but I do think we ought to make a concerted effort to save our bee population.

Without bees, we wouldn’t live a very fruitful life

Bees pollinate the world’s food crops. This means, without bees we wouldn’t be able to sustain the production of much of the food and beverages in our modern diet. Or, put in a more comprehensible way:

We probably wouldn’t have wine (or beer).

There. I said the unspeakable.

The extinction of bees would pose an extremely grave [...]

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December 3, 2015

Meet Them Where They Are To Help Them

In this follow-up interview with Lt. Col. Scott Mann, we delve deeper into the wounds of the Middle East and how we can look at fixing this situation. Part of it is a battle of ideology. Mann’s opinion is that certain elements can’t and won’t change because they believe they’re ushering in the apocalypse. Not much sense in having a rational conversation with that it seems.

What about women and elders? How can we strengthen communities? How can we learn more about the local history of the places we have issues?

We covered a lot of topics and, as a former Green Beret, he brought some powerful insights back from 14 years of war he has waged against [...]

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November 19, 2015

An Evolutionary Roundtable Around Peaceful Solutions To Terrorism

After the recent events in Beirut, Kenya, and Paris, I decided to invite several key members of the Evolutionary Leader’s Circle to discuss these events and to start a dialogue on how we can look at them from different perspectives. Don Beck couldn’t get on the hangout so I called Joe Martino of Collective-Evolution to bring a millennial voice to this party. I was joined by Barbara Marx Hubbard, Elza Maalouf, Gregg Braden, and Stephen Dinan.

What are the peaceful solutions? Well, how about helping impoverished people get the resources they need so they don’t get marginalized and subsequently, get pulled into an ugly [...]

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