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July 11, 2015

Embark On a Spiritual Journey with One or More of These Summer Festivals

This year’s Lightning in a Bottle Festival was unforgettable – four days filled with world-class artistry, spiritual growth, personal revelations and genuine human connection.

The festival hosted speakers and workshops all day and night, educating us on healing practices, permaculture, cooking and living a conscious life. Yoga ran all day, beginning at sunrise, on two dedicated stages with padded floors. It was a much needed recalibration throughout the day and a place to learn new techniques and concepts to add to your practice. Sound meditation workshops used the power of vibratory frequencies to help get you centered and beneath the incessant dialogue of the mind. I felt [...]

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July 7, 2015

Human Trafficking Is A Problem Everywhere – It’s Time To Take Action

Got $90 burning a hole in your pocket? Here’s a list of what you could buy: a decent pair of jeans, one adult admission to Legoland (sorry, you’ll need $9 more for Disneyland), an off-brand 21-inch flat screen monitor from a big box retailer, or (given the right circumstances) one average-priced human on the slave trafficking market. According to human rights expert David Bales, who wrote Disposable People: New Slavery in the Global Economy and is cited by many human rights campaigns, the average victim of human trafficking costs around $90 when initially entering the market.

If that number horrifies you, congratulations, you’re normal. The very idea that any number can [...]

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