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July 27, 2015

Why Holistic-Minded Pet Parents Should Consider Pet Insurance

When I brought home my 8-week-old German shepherd puppy five years ago, I thought I knew enough about dogs and had a strong enough of an appreciation of holistic methods that I could easily raise a healthy, happy dog. I was wrong.

Due to a confluence of genetics, vaccinations, environment and probably several other factors yet to be revealed, I have a dog who – while amazingly happy despite his troubles – has had to deal with an assortment of skin problems, ear issues and hypothyroidism. It’s been a roller coaster ride, I tell you. And while I’m sorry he’s had to go through this, I’m so grateful to him for not only showing me what real love is, but for truly opening my eyes to [...]

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July 25, 2015

Diary of a Recovering Tech Addict – How I Learned To Love Life Over Likes

When I look around a roomful of friends or strangers these days, I feel alienated. I often witness a sea of people that seem to have more personal relationships with their devices than other human beings.

This sentiment has been echoed a lot over the past few years: we’re losing touch with reality, addicted to technology, narcissistic, etc. It’s often presented either in a self-deprecating joking manner, or as a cynical view of human nature and conscious decisions.

What I came to find over the past few years was something different – the addiction to our technology and instant gratification is actually an addiction to dopamine. The problem is one of neurochemistry and [...]

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July 23, 2015

Move Over Kale, There’s a New Superfood In Town… And It Tastes Like Bacon

Bacon ice cream. Bacon cupcakes. There’s even a bacon jam recipe floating around out there. For years now, bacon lovers have been trying to come up with unique ways to add the salty-crunch of this meaty delight to spice up traditional plates.

And now, bacon lovers will rejoice because nature has created the ultimate bacon recipe.

It’s seaweed that tastes EXACTLY like bacon. I repeat: There is bacon-flavored seaweed, and it is more nutrient-packed than kale! WHAT?! I had to do a double take, too!

Researchers at Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center have patented a strain of this amazing food, and they’re trying to make it more affordable and [...]

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July 18, 2015

Redefining Commercial Success: Why Big Companies Need YOU In Their Consumer Base

Big companies are evil. Support small, local businesses. A large corporation could never represent those of us who want to be the change.

Right? It’s so easy to buy into these caricatures. But wouldn’t it be great if the organizations we support hit the big time? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a company with the ethos of a Well.org or small organic farm had the clout of a CNN or a Walmart?

Yes, it’s very popular to believe that all ethics and morality disappear as soon as a company becomes massively successful. But check your skepticism for a moment, and turn the question around. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a company with the clout of a CNN or a Walmart had the ethos of a [...]

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July 16, 2015

Is Upgrading Your Cell Phone Harming the Planet?

Upgrading your phone might be hurting the environment.

New technology is fantastic. Peeling away that plastic wrap from whatever Apple or Samsung latest creation is always exciting.

But your old, dented and chipped phone has to go somewhere, and unfortunately it often ends up as waste. Phones are made up of valuable materials that require a lot of extracting from the earth.

Precious metals known as rare earth elements along with gold and silver, are extracted and used in a majority of electronics manufacturing. (A shortage of these materials was actually the cause of a world war in one of the Call of Duty video games.) Despite containing precious metals, old cell [...]

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